Anek Bedi’s Tips on how to Build an Audience – Driven Brand

“The power to drive growth comes from creating an audience-driven strategy.”

It takes enormous guts, planning, hard work, and resources to start a business. Furthermore, to put it on the path to success, customer satisfaction, and loyalty needs to be on the top of everything. A customer who is more than just a passive consumer of your ad or product becomes an incredibly powerful member of your team, a potential advisor, and an activist. If you’re doing it with the people you want to help, then building your business will be much easier! But what exactly an audience-driven brand is? How you can build an audience-driven brand? How does it affect your business? Hi, I am Anek Bedi (Prabnek Singh), an entrepreneur who has made significant accomplishments to make my business an audience-driven brand. In this blog, I will share my perspective about an audience-driven brand, how you can build it, and a lot more. So make sure you read the blog till the end to grab the knowledge. 

How to build an audience-driven brand?

Being audience-driven is versatile and iterative. Even before you decide what kind of project you want to create, you can practice! As you go, the whole idea is to open up your efforts so others can join in. Confused? Share your thoughts in a space where others can offer guidance. Are you trying to choose a color for your company’s t-shirt? Take a poll! 

For people who believe in only showing the best, most polished sides of their businesses, this can be a radical shift in mindset. It is true that exposing the unfinished and imperfect parts of your work can be risky, but the benefits can be worth it.

  • Decide on your higher purpose

Your audience and you share the same interest. When you have a better understanding of what those shared interests are, you can build upon them as you go. Your products or services must address an unmet need of some kind. You can genuinely engage in conversation about larger trends or societal inequities that drive that need. Having a solid foundation enables you to build a business that can adapt as times change. 

  • Public integration

As people start getting the hang of using Twitter threads and other forms of media to invite people behind the scenes, the idea of “building in public” is becoming more popular. Look for ways to share your work in progress with others. What if I wanted to create something new in real-time, or live stream it? Would that work? Can I ask someone else for help instead of asking myself when I’m stuck? What can I do to celebrate a win in a way that others can see? By seeing the work that goes on behind the cover, people are even more eager to see the finished product and tell their friends about it!

  • Ask for Help

However, asking for expert help can help you achieve your business goals. People want to help you achieve your joint vision when you have a clear purpose they can connect with. Therefore, involving people in your process will increase their sentimental attachment to what you’re doing, which will increase your base of support even more!

Therefore, this is how I got my audience involved in my brand. Following this approach will surely help you improve your customer engagement with your brand. Now let’s see what you need to keep an eye on for better performance.

What to Keep an Eye On

Almost anyone can benefit from the audience-driven approach, but there are challenges and tradeoffs involved. Consider these pitfalls to avoid: 

  • Distraction

Do you sometimes fail to do the work because you are too busy telling a story? Often, the process of telling people what you do and engaging with them consumes your time and prevents you from actually getting things done. So you must keep yourself away from such distractions. 

  • Overwhelm

So much correspondence! Putting yourself out there increases the likelihood of people seeing you, responding to you, asking you questions, and wanting to know more about you. The point is, of course, to manage your boundaries, but also to be mindful of them. Take a step back if you’re getting overwhelmed and figure out how to restructure your communication channels.

  • Too many directions to choose from

“You should do this! There will be lots of people with lots of ideas for what you should do. Establishing clear boundaries will help you manage new ideas. I find it helpful to set specific times, such as monthly or quarterly, to consider new ideas. You can take into account any new ideas in your backlog and determine what to work on in the next time period. You can add any new ideas to your backlog until the next review day!

You are Ready To Rock!

You can build an engaged and passionate following by creating an audience-driven business. In addition to building social capital, it helps you stay authentic. Over time, it becomes impossible to imagine building a business any other way, even if it initially seems funny. Lastly, being an entrepreneur, I, Anek Bedi would say that your audience is what makes your brand successful. So, be consistent to make your business an audience-driven and audience-centric brand. 


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